Jamaat Islami Pakistan Declares Molla a Martyr – To Hold Funeral-in-Absentia Across Pakistan

Image from Jamaat Islami Pakistan's official Facebook page that says martyrdom prayer in Urdu.

Image from Jamaat Islami Pakistan’s official Facebook page that says martyrdom prayer in Urdu.

Jamaat Islami Pakistan has declared Bangladeshi Jamaat Islami leader Abdul Qadir Molla a martyr and his execution a judicial murder. Jamaat maintains Molla was punished because of his ‘love for Pakistan’.

Jamaat has also announced on its official Facebook page that Jamaat Islami Pakistan’s top leaders will lead funeral prayers-in-absentia in multiple cities including Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad and Karachi.

Abdul Qadir Molla was convicted of war crimes including raping and killing several hundred civilians after taking up arms and siding with Pakistan Army during 1971 war.

Jamaat Islami Bangladesh has already engaged in violent protest since early this year when the special War Crime Tribunal started hearing. Jamaat activists in Bangladesh have once again taken to streets to protest the execution.

Jamaat Islami Pakistan itself has been in the heat in Pakistan when its Chief Munawwar Hassan questioned martyrdom of Pakistani armed forces fighting against Taliban and declared Taliban Chief Hakimullah Mehsud — who was killed in a drone strike by US — a martyr.